Cover Kansas Navigators have been hard at work throughout the 2015 Open Enrollment Period.  During this year’s enrollment period, Navigators assisted over 11,000 Kansans in updating their coverage or enrolling in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Aside from providing individual assistance, Navigators also held 175 different educational and enrollment events across the state with over 10,000 individuals in attendance. Thanks to the Navigator’s help in 2015, overall enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace was over 96,000 in Kansas.

With Open enrollment closed, Navigators are now focusing on a new Special Enrollment Periods (SEP) for the 2015 tax season. This SEP focuses on consumers that had to pay a fee when filing this year’s taxes for not having insurance during 2014. This new SEP runs from March 15 – April 30, 2015.

KAMU would like to thank Debbie Berndsen, Jordan Rickabaugh and Nick Clasen (formerly with the Cover Kansas Navigator Project) for their outstanding leadership and dedication during this year’s Open Enrollment.