Update on the HRSA UDS Sealant Measure

About this event:


This webinar is hosted by the National Network for Oral Health Access, a HRSA-funded NCA.  In 2015, HRSA introduced the first oral health clinical quality measure to the UDS, with the UDS Sealants Measure. This session will highlight the 2017 UDS data results for the dental sealants measure.

Topics to be included: common challenges health centers have experienced in developing, modifying, and/or implementing clinical workflows and procedures to report on the measure. Best practices and work-arounds to address data collection and reporting challenges will be shared for those health centers that are not yet using the EDR vendor-developed solutions for reporting on the measure. For those organizations who were unable to attend the session at the recent NNOHA Conference in New Orleans, this webinar will also assist health centers to more accurately and completely collect the different data elements of the measure (age, patient of record, risk status, exclusions, and sealants placed) and will offer suggestions on how programs can improve on their UDS Sealants Measure. One (1.0) Continuing Dental Education (CDE) credit is available.

  • Review national and state level results for the 2017 HRSA UDS Sealants Measure
  • Recognize how your health center can improve the accuracy of the denominator for the UDS Sealants Measure
  • Describe strategies for improving on UDS Sealants Measure outcomes
  • Learn the strategies one health center has developed to increase it’s UDS Sealants Measure percentage

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