Below are the CEO Peer Learning Team Sessions for the 2015 KAMU Annual Conference

Defining and Maximizing Your Clinic’s Value in the Community

A first step in clinics demonstrating their importance and worth is for their leaders to clearly understand how various stakeholders define value. During this session, participants will brainstorm what makes the clinic and its work meaningful to staff, patients, partners and other important organizations or players in the community. Having identified some of the various characteristics or offerings of the clinic that each group appreciates, participants will highlight ideas for how best to demonstrate that value to maximize their contribution to local healthcare delivery.

There’s No “I” in Team: Creating a Unified Force

The reasons clinics are stronger together than separately are ample: greater contracting power and economies of scale; better coordination and management of population health care; more effective sharing of best practices; ; better clinical and fiscal accountability; and more influential and unified messaging, to name a few. However, just knowing the value of coming together in a formal network does little to address the many obstacles to actually making it work. During this session, participants will explore ideas and opportunities for coordinating their efforts from the vantage point of their different position.

Exploring Alternative Approaches to Payment

In the wake of health reform, there is growing momentum toward developing alternative payment methodologies and “paying for value or performance.” However, there are many more questions about how payment reform will work in reality, particularly in the arena of primary care. Participants will discuss the terms, concepts, and trends related to payment reform; explore potential payment models and factors that influence their success (or failure); and discuss the implications of these models for Kansas clinics.

Initiative Fatigue: A No Win Situation

The continually evolving healthcare landscape and all its potential implications for safety-net clinics mean clinic leaders can prioritize their use of staff, time, and funds in countless ways. A result for many clinic leaders and staff is “initiative fatigue.” During this session, participants will explore how they make a decision around whether to say, “yes” to potential initiatives; manage multiple important initiatives; as well as stay motivated and avoid burnout after launching new initiatives.