Using Data to Manage Operational Excellence

Clinics have the challenging task of fulfilling their mission and ensuring access to care for all patients while maintaining the organization in an operationally sound and fiscally responsible way. In this session, participants will learn about and share examples of executive dashboards and other reporting tools used to evaluate their clinic’s financial, operational, and clinical well-being, as well as discuss the key metrics they monitor to ensure stability and responsible growth.

There’s No “I” in Team: Creating a Unified Force

The reasons clinics are stronger together than separately are ample: greater contracting power and economies of scale; better coordination and management of population health care; more effective sharing of best practices; ; better clinical and fiscal accountability; and more influential and unified messaging, to name a few. However, just knowing the value of coming together in a formal network does little to address the many obstacles to actually making it work. During this session, participants will explore ideas and opportunities for coordinating their efforts from the vantage point of their different position.

Staff Management Issues and Opportunities: Scenarios from the Field

Each clinic operations leader has unique expertise and knowledge, and approaches his or her daily work in a different manner. The collective experience and wisdom of participants on a peer learning team can help individuals explore challenges and opportunities more fully, and gain insights they wouldn’t have otherwise. The group will discuss several participants’ real-life scenarios happening currently or on the horizon. Participants will receive these “cases” in advance and will weigh in on the facts, assumptions, and variables as well as how they would respond in a similar situation during the meeting itself.

Tackling Daily Productivity: Time and Task Management

In today’s world, “busy” is a standard response people give when asked how they are doing. And yet, being busy doesn’t equate with being productive or delivering high-quality work; it may even be a detractor. During this session, participants will reflect on how they approach their work; identify what’s working and where there is room to grow; as well as discus strategies for working smarter.