KAMU’s staff has been hard at work learning new ways to advocate on behalf of the Association. In April,  Denise Cyzman, Katrina McGivern and  Kendra Poole attended the Midwest Training Academy’s Organizing for Social Change training sponsored by the Kansas Health Foundation.

The three-day training focused on grassroots efforts and community organizing. Some of the topics discussed during the training were:

  • Understanding relations of power,
  • Choosing the right issues,
  • Developing effective strategy and
  • Membership and leadership development.

The key point that we really took away from the training was how power plays a part in advocacy,” said McGivern. “To get things accomplished, you have to have money or power and the facilitators discussed the importance of getting the right people at the table and the power that those people can have.”

This training was funded by the Kansas Health Foundation (KHF).


KAMU Policy and Public Affairs Director Katrina McGivern and Executive Director, Denise Cyzman roleplay during a skill development scenario.