KAMU would like to welcome three new additions to its staff, Melody Martin, DeLynne Walter and Veronica Miranda.

IMG_0689Melody Martin is KAMU’s new Director of Development and Training. Melody will be responsible for developing innovative programs and supporting members to efficiently and effectively engage in programs. Mel has over 15 years experience providing operational support for government agencies, healthcare and nonprofit organizations. She as a Bachelor of Arts in English from Emporia State University and has also completed the Breakthrough Series College Training through the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.


DeLynne Walter is KAMU’s new Grant Coordinator, who will help organize, monitor and support its various grants and contracts. She will also help with other clerical and administrative functions. DeLynne is joining KAMU with over 20 years of business office experience, 13 of which were spent in the lending and banking industry. DeLynne has a BS in Business Administration from Bethany College.



Veronica Miranda is KAMU’s new Cover Kansas  Navigator Project Coordinator for Western Kansas. Veronica will coordinate the recruitment and training of Navigators, as well as provides outreach and enrollment assistance for individuals in the western part of the state. Veronica previously worked with KAMU as a Certified Navigator during the first and second Open Enrollment periods. Before working with KAMU, Veronica was a licensed Property and Casualty insurance agent in California.